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School Rules and Discipline

In order to ensure a comfortable and positive learning environment in all classes, parents and students are requested to abide by the following school rules. 

Youth Program Classes

Trial Class

Trial classes are open for all under-filled classes. Children who are interested in participating in the trial class should first register an account online (, then contact the school to confirm the date and time of the trial class. We suggest all new students arrive 10 minutes earlier to familiarize themselves with the environment, get to know the teachers, and ease their nervousness about entering an unfamiliar environment (especially for younger students).


Children who do not have ballet leotards can wear tight-fitting and easy-to-mobilize clothes (if children already have leotards, please make sure that there is no skirt attached), put on socks (or ballet slippers) and ballet bun for hair. There is no fee if parents decide not to register after the trial class. If parents decide to register after the trial class, the trial class will be charged as a regular class (depending on the program $21 or $22+tax/h). Uniforms will be required to purchase from school directly once registration is confirmed. We will reserve the spot after the trial class for 48 hours. If no response is received within 48 hours, we will move on to the next student on the waiting list.

Parents are allowed in studio only for the trial class and open class at the end of each semester.

Trial class booking does not guarantee available spot (except for newly opened classes or placement in a class after the start of the semester).

Absence and Late

If parents have made special arrangements before the semester starts that will cause absence, please confirm the date with the school before the beginning of the semester (up to 4 lessons in autumn and winter, and up to 2 lessons in summer). Tuition fee will be deducted for the semester. Unnotified or unplanned absence after the semester starts will not be refunded (including sick leave).

Students who are late should make sure that the music in the studio stops before entering the studio to minimize the impact to the class.


Students will be considered dropping the current semester by default if students are absent (without reason) for more than 3 classes or are late for more than 5 classes. School will refund the remaining tuition fee (minus 10% for administration fees) and performance fee (exclude costume fee).

If student's abesent, late (or leave early) more than 30% of the semester's classes each semester, the teacher will need to re-evaluate the student's level and class, and by default, you will not participate in the end-of-school-year performance for the current academic year.

Dance Uniforms

The school dance uniform set (includes leotards, footed tights, canvas split sole ballet slippers) and ballet bun for hair. Please make sure to dress correctly before entering the studio. Jewelry is not allowed in the studio. Children must take off the jewelry and hand it to their parents before entering the studio.


Parents cannot enter the studio or open the studio door during a regular class. If parents have any questions or concerns, please communicate with the teacher after class.


Parents should wait in school or at the door during the class for students from Initiation to Ballet to Pre-Ballet III, in case of help needed for toilets during class break or in case of emergency. If students are injured before coming to class, please inform the teacher before the class. Parents are responsible for the safety of students outside the studio. Please keep the valuables with you. The school will put the found items in the school's lost and found cabinet, but is not responsible for its safety.

Temporary Suspension of Class

School will refund the class fee if class is cancelled due to weather or teacher’s personal reasons.

Open Class

The last class of each semester is an open class, and parents can enter the studio to watch the class. Due to the COVID-19 situation, each student can have only one parent in studio, other families are welcome to watch the live broadcast on TV in the parent's lounge area.

​During the open class, parents who enter the studio are requested to respect the class and do not walk or talk casually. Please mute the phone before entering the studio. Try not to affect the classroom when taking photos or videos.

Competition Team Classes

Dance Uniforms

Formal team uniforms assigned by the school for official team members and ballet bun. Please make sure to dress correctly before entering the studio.

Absence and Late

If student is absent or late for 3 times in one semester,  student will withdraw from the competition team by default. If student wish to return to the competition team, student need to wait for the next competition team audition and pass.


Competition team members must follow the school’s performance, competition or filming arrangements. Those who are unable or unwilling to participate in the performers withdraw from the competition team by default. If student wish to return to the competition team, student need to wait for the next competition team audition and pass.

Dressing Room and Studio

Dressing Room

Boys cannot enter the dressing room for girls (including parents). Please knock on the door before entering the dressing room, take off your shoes and place them on the shoe rack.


It is forbidden to bring drinks (including water), food, or anything unrelated to dance learning into the studio. Only ballet slippers, pointe shoes or socks are allowed in studio.

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