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Private Class

One-on-one teaching and customized

 course and exercises to suit each student.


The private class is for children over 8 years old who have received dance training. We require students to have more than 4 years of dance learning experience and will be interviewed by the teacher.


Student group:​

  • Professional ballet training (professional students)

  • Recreational  ballet technique improvement (non-professional students)

  • Figure skating dance instruction

  • Strength and flexibility training for professional fencing students



1. 训练时间长,芭蕾学习与学校学习以及其他课外学习必然互相影响。需要小朋友与家长评估并协调日程安排。

2. 本program小朋友预计每学年参加学校筛选的2-3个舞蹈比赛 (包括YAGP) 。Program课时涵盖比赛排练,排练不会另外加课。(比赛冲刺阶段可选加课)

3. 在YAGP等世界级大赛中取得名次在申请大学时很有帮助。


$200+tax/hour; 1-2 hours/class (rate includes dance studio rental) ​


Teacher will determine the length of class based on students' dance skills and requirements.




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